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Welcome to the Jungle!

Unashamedly quoting one of my all time favourite rock bands there… about as unashamedly as this lady is flaunting her overgrown mound.

I’m a little fussy when it comes to what I like as far as pubic hairstyles are concerned. Let me pause there for a second to point out two things:

The first is that I’m actually completely full of shit about everything and secondly, I just want to appreciate for a moment that there is legitimately such a thing as the style in which a women grooms her twat. What a fantastic time we live in.

A completely unkempt bush is a big turn off for me. If I wanted to play hide-and-seek I’d go do that instead. A nicely bikini line trim though and cleaned up pussy lips and you have my attention.

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These natural exhibitionists are all from Australia and gleaming from the sites name, they’re specifically from the Western parts.

I never realised Aussie chicks were anything to look at, I just never really gave it any thought to be honest. Perhaps at least the Minogue sisters and some of their track and field athletes should have given me a hint though.

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