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Month: February, 2019

It’s Like Fucking A Hot Teddy Bear

Today it’s normal for girls to shave their pussies. Some of my friends can’t say they’ve ever even fooled around with an unshaven girl. Personally, I can’t believe it. For me, it doesn’t even count as sex if there’s not a bush involved. Real women stay natural down there.

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Lovely Japanese Hotties Fucking For The Camera

Japanese cuties like the one on the picture on top. That’s what you’ll find on These irresistible beauties will suck dick, swallow jizz, and get their hairy pussies fucked (among other things) across a wonderful collection of Full HD scenes. They have lovely facial features, arousing bodies, great skills, and they are fantastic performers.

As you may already know, Japanese girls are characteristically hairy down there. They keep a full bush. It’s a cultural thing; they don’t shave. There’s really no need for it really. A Japanese girl looks hotter with a full bush. Shave them, and it’s just not the same. Shaving is overrated, guys! A hairy pussy is a lot more arousing!

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