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Such A Sweet Snatch

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Hairy In All The Right Places

When I’m pulling out my cock and I’m ready to drain my balls, I’m not about to look at some clean-shaven thing. I want the satisfaction that comes with a nice fluffy bush. Nothing else can even get me half-way hard.

Once I brought a girl home and things were getting a little hot and heavy. She sucked my cock for a bit but then it was my turn to return the oral pleasure. When I pulled down her panties I was shocked by what I saw, or should I say what I DIDN’T see. She didn’t have one hair at all! I immediately felt like some type of pervert being with a girl who looked 12 years old down there so I told her to get out of my room before I called the police. Then I immediately pulled up Be Hairy and jerked off to those fluffy muffs I know and love.

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Sex Stories Will Make You Cum Hard

Porn is everywhere. If you ever want to see some, you can. But sometimes porn can be a little too much. Maybe you prefer something that stimulates your imagination as well. Some porn tries to play this out with cheesy lines and plots, but this can still come off as shallow and cheap. But what else is there?

Fans of romance novels know that the right words on paper can get you off just as easy as a hardcore sex tape. But in today’s day and age, where do we turn to replicate this? Actually, erotic literate websites are fucking huge! You might not believe me at first, but once you take a look at their online communities you will have to admit they’re onto something. I can personally say that I’m a huge fan of many of these sites. You can read more about here, or Lush Stories, literotica, or several others. Just click that link and you’ll be jerking off to sex stories before you know it. I guarantee it.

Go Muff Diving Down Under

Personally, I prefer a girl who is all natural. I don’t care for all the makeup, surgical enhancements, and all that fake shit. I want to fuck a girl, not a bunch of plastic. And what really gets me going is when she doesn’t shave down there. This whole clean-shaven thing is just bizarre if you ask me.

If you appreciate real girls having real sex, I’m sure you’re already a fan of Girls Out West. Those Aussie sluts bare all and love showing you every inch of them. Watch them masturbate, dance, fuck their boyfriends, and even play with their girlfriends. Seeing them finger and eat out those fluffy muffs is enough to make me jizz in my pants.

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Real Women Don’t Shave

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m partial to girls with hair “down there.” I mean, I like my girls young but I also only fuck real women. Real women have hairy pussies, at least that’s how I see it. So you can imagine that I jerk off to plenty of barely-legal fluffy mufflers. Where do I go to find the best content?

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Get In That Bush

I can’t tell you how many tight barely-legal teens I’ve been able to fuck. I’m a lucky man, that’s for sure. But I’m always disappointed when I pull down those panties and see a shaved pussy. It’s such a waste. To me, there’s nothing hotter than a hairy teen snatch. It’s like a badge of womanhood if you ask me. But I guess life isn’t perfect and we sometimes have to suffer without a perfect pussy.

After I get done banging one of those sluts, I’m still so horned up that I come home and jack off to some hairy pussy porn online. There are a ton of sites out there that understand my needs and keep delivering those fluffy mufflers and I appreciate them a great deal.

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It’s Like Fucking A Hot Teddy Bear

Today it’s normal for girls to shave their pussies. Some of my friends can’t say they’ve ever even fooled around with an unshaven girl. Personally, I can’t believe it. For me, it doesn’t even count as sex if there’s not a bush involved. Real women stay natural down there.

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Hairy Muffs To Keep You Warm

Summer is coming to an end and pretty soon that chilly fall air will be upon us. You know what that means, right? Pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, hayrides, and my personal favorite… girls who stop shaving their pussies so much. And I don’t blame them! Who wants a cold snatch?

I can’t get enough of young hot sluts with hairy front-butts. Those shaved girls just don’t leave anything to the imagination. When I strip off those panties I want to go on an expedition down under into that sexy joy jungle. You don’t know what you might find. That’s half the fun, don’t you think?

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