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How to Find and date Sexy CA Girls

If you’re looking to find a sex date with sexy CA girls, you really have your work cut out for you. California girls are very friendly, I’m going to give them that. They are open-minded. They seem to have a tremendous amount of optimism and it shows. Compare them with the chicks from the north and chicks from the northeast, there’s no comparison.


First of all, a lot of the women from the northeast you have to peel because they wear sweaters and in many cases, after you’ve peeled off the sweaters and taken off the bras, you might be left with an image that you’d rather not look at. Do you follow me? Do you see where I’m coming from? There’s a reason why those sweaters look so dumpy and nine times out of ten has nothing to do with the fabric of those sweaters. In many cases, those sweaters just hang off really lousy physiques.


I’m not saying that these chicks are all fat. I’m not saying that they all look like they’re all fucked up, but I am saying is that they could use a few hours on the treadmill every week. Do you see where I’m coming from? With sexy CA girls, you don’t have this issue.


California women are under a tremendous amount of pressure to look good. Why? California is the home of Hollywood. It is the home of fantasyland and whenever you try to mirror your personal and your personal appearance against something that is an ideal, you have to really step up. You either have to hit the gym or go under the knife.


Whatever the case may be, you have to remember that you are modeling your appearance and your physical ideal against something that doesn’t really exist. Ideals are ideals because they are based on ideas. Ideas don’t really exist. We can come up with close approximations. We can come up with close guesses and rough estimates, but at the end of the day, ideals are still trapped in the world of ideas.